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About the Facilities

Does the museum charge admission to use the Museum Shop, the NEZUCAFÉ, and the garden?

Yes, the purchase of a museum admission ticket is required.

Can the exhibits be viewed from a wheelchair?

Yes. Elevator provides access to each floor.

Can baby strollers be used in the museum?

Yes. Elevator provides access to each floor. When the museum is crowded, however, for the safety of the child in the stroller, we ask that visitors not take strollers into the galleries.

Is there a baby changing area?

The multi-purpose restrooms on the first and ground floors have changing tables. They are also equipped with facilities for ostomates.

May anyone walk in the garden?

Anyone who has been admitted to the museum may walk in the garden.
Note, however, that the garden is hilly and has steps and a pond. Please watch your step. To explore it from a wheelchair or using a walker, please bring an attendant with you. And please do not hesitate to call on a staff member for any question.

May we go into the teahouses?

The teahouses are used for the tea ceremony and opened for some events held by the museum or by those who rent them for the occasion; they are not open at other times.

What about using a teahouse for the tea ceremony?

Please inquire by telephoning the Nezu Museum’s Management Department at 03-3400-2536.

About the Exhibitions

Why do you change exhibitions so frequently?

Japanese and other East Asian pre-modern works use fragile materials, including paper, silk, and lacquer, and many, in technical terms, are apt to age comparatively rapidly. The museum’s mission is both to display these works and to conserve them for future generations. Minimizing damage due to light and changes in temperature and humidity thus requires limited exhibition periods.

When will Ogata Kōrin’s Irises be on display?

It is displayed every year from mid April to mid May, around the Golden Week holidays. The irises in the garden are in bloom from late April.


Can I take photographs in the galleries?

No. Photography in the galleries is prohibited out of consideration for other visitors.

May I add a link to the museum’s website?

Yes, you are free to do so. There is no need to contact us in order to link to the site.


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