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Along with catalogues of special exhibitions, museum collection, annual bulletins, a variety of original goods are on sale, based on worlds of art held at the Nezu Museum.Core of the original goods are based on the image of national treasure Irises screens. Stationaries based on the Nezu Museum mascot, Double-Ram Zun bronze ware from ancient China are also popular.
The new addition is Nylon Bags (A4 size) with “Double-Ram-Zun” motifs, this time in revived colors of “Green” and “Black”. We hope a visit to the Museum Shop will make your time in Nezu Museum even more enjoyable.
(Use of the Museum Shop is restricted to those who have been admitted to the museum.)

Examples of items*All prices include tax.

Made of gauze, this uniquely designed handkerchief is highly absorptive and gets softer whenever you wash.
Handkerchief with “Double-Ram Zun” Design ¥ 900

Nylon Bag, “Double-ram Zun” Vertical Green ¥ 2,300
Nylon Bag, “Double-ram Zun” Vertical Black ¥ 2,300
Nylon Bag, “Double-ram Zun” Horizontal Green ¥ 2,000
Nylon Bag, “Double-ram Zun” Horizontal Black ¥ 2,000

“Double-Ram Zun” Motif Goods:
Seal ¥ 200
Writing Paper ¥ 700
“Double-Ram Zun” Shaped Card ¥ 200
Greeting Card ¥ 350

This Paulownia-wood box with apertures in the form of an N and M, the Museum's initials, has kakitsubata (Japanese irises) hand-painted on it by a Yuzen kimono craftsman. Slide out the lid lining to open the apertures and the sweet, gentle fragrance from the sachet inside will drift out. The kakitsubata design is based on Ogata Kōrin's Irises folding screens, a National Treasure, in our museum's collection. Enjoy this lovely scent box and the fragrance it adds to your life.

Folding fan, Irises ¥ 4,000
Kakitsubata(Irises) Scent Box¥ 15,000

Original Incense, "Nachi Waterfall" ¥ 3,300
Original Incense, "Fishing Villege at Sunset" ¥ 5,500
Original Incense, "Kōrin ¥ 1,200
Trial Incense, "Nachi Waterfall" ¥ 660
Trial Incense, "Fishing Villege at Sunset" ¥ 1,100
Sachet, "Ilises" ¥ 880

Miniature Folding Screens, Irises
H. 21.0cm, W. 48.5cm each
¥ 8,800

Miniature Folding Screens, Mountain Streams in Summer and Autumn
H. 20.5cm, W. 47.0cm each
¥ 8,800

Miniature Folding Screens, Wisteria
H. 22.0cm, W. 48.5cm each
¥ 8,800

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