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【Subway】Omotesandō station of the Ginza, Hanzōmon and Chiyoda lines: 8-minute walk from Exit A5 (stairs only), 10-minute walk from Exit B4 (escalator available), or 10-minute walk from Exit B3 (elevator and escalator available).

【ToBus】5-minute walk from Minami Aoyama 6-chōme bus stop on the Toei (Metropolitan Bus) Shibu 88 that runs between Shibuya and Shimbashi Stations.
【ChiiBus】1-minute walk from Seinanshōgakkō-mae bus stop on the ChiiBus (Minato-ku Community Bus), Aoyama route that runs between Roppongi Hills and Akasaka Mitsuke Station.


9 (including a handicapped parking space)


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