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Museum History

1860 Founder, Nezu Kaichirō (Sr.) was born in Yamanashi.
1896 Kaichirō moved his base to Tokyo
1906 Bought land in Aoyama (current location of the museum). Purchased a famous "Writing Box known as Hana-no-Shirakawa" at an auction of Hirase family collection.
1938 Began publication of the museum collection named Seizanso seisho, completed in 1943.
1940 Kaichirō passed away in January at the age of 80. According to his will, Nezu Museum Foundation was established in November by his son, Kaichirō Jr.
1941 The first exhibition was held at Nezu's residence in November.
1944 Museum suspended exhibitions due to intensifying war. Collection was evacuated to the suburb.
1945 Nezu's residence and garden was burned down in an air raid.
1946 Kaichirō Jr. restarted the exhibitions at a temporary building.
1954 New exhibition hall was completed.
1959 Kaichirō Jr. inaugurated as Museum Director.
1981 Kaichirō Jr. was shifted to Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the museum.
1990 New exhibition hall was completed.
2000 Nezu Kōichi, son of Kaichirō Jr., inaugurated as Museum Director.
2002 Kaichirō Jr. passed away. Kōichi took the position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
2006 Museum decided to close for a large-scale renovation.
2009 Reopened the new museum building

Nezu Kaichirō Sr.

The 1st Exhibition Catalogue

Kaichirō Jr. in the Garden

Former Main Building

Former New Building

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