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NEZUCAFÉ stands within a garden inside the Nezu Museum. It is an open-style café surrounded by glass on three sides. The café serves original blended coffee made from organic beans, green tea latte and seasonal cakes, as well as light meals such as pasta, B.L.T. sandwiches, and Nicoise-style salad.

It is a space allowing enjoyment of the changing seasons within the garden, while relaxing over sweets or lunch. (Use of the NEZUCAFÉ is restricted to those who have been admitted to the museum.)

Opening Hours 10am - 5pm (last order: Food Menu 4:15pm, Drink and Dessert 4:30pm)
Capacity 45 seats

From the Menu*All prices include tax.

Today's pasta ¥ 1000
Meat pie & salad (single) ¥ 800
Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich ¥ 1,000
Nicoise-style salad (with bread) ¥ 1,100
Hamburg steak (with bread) ¥ 1,350
NEZU original blended coffee ¥ 650
Green tea latte ¥ 750
Ice cream ¥ 600
Baumkuchen ¥ 600
Today's cake ¥ 600
"Matcha and Sweets" set ¥ 1,300
Seasonal Sweets: Chestnut Icecream ¥ 800

Plus Drink / Plus Drink and Salad

For an additional charge, a drink (+¥400) or a small salad /drink set (+¥600) can be added to your food or dessert order. Please select any drink from the menu.

  • Enjoy the Garden View
  • "Matcha and Sweets" set

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