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Museum Shop

Along with catalogues of special exhibitions, museum collection, annual bulletins, a variety of original goods are on sale, including picture postcards and stationary based on worlds of art held at the Nezu Museum.
Core of the original goods are based on the image of national treasure Irises screens. Stationaries based on the Nezu Museum mascot, Double-Ram Zun bronze ware from ancient China are also popular. (Use of the Museum Shop is restricted to those who have been admitted to the museum.)

Examples of items*All prices include tax.

Nezu Museum Calendar 2016 ¥ 2,000

A4 Clear Folder "Cherry Blossoms at Yoshino and Maple Leaves at Tatsuta" ¥ 300
A5 Clear Folder "Writing Box With Deer in Autumn Landscape, known as Kasugayama" ¥ 250

Japanese Zodiac Pins 2016 "Monkey" (color: gold/silver) ¥ 2,000 each

Silk Donsu Cloth Bag ¥ 13,000 each

Incense ¥ 1,050~5,250
TORAYSEE® (Multipurpose Washable Microfibre Lens Cloth)
Peony and Cat Design ¥ 750
Irises Screen Design ¥ 750
Irises Screen Design Post-it ¥ 580
Irises Screen Design Clear Folder ¥ 300
Zun Design Greeting Card ¥ 350
Zun Design Post Card ¥ 200

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