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The on-line tickets of Museum Collection Exhibition "Armor, Swords, and Sword Fittings" (Saturday, September 2 – Sunday, October15) will be on sale from 1 p.m., August 29.

As one of our measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, pior to your visit, please purchase online timed-entry ticket (credit card only).

  • •Please purchase a timed-entry ticket 1 hour prior to the beginning of the time slot of your choice.
  • •Even if you are eligible for free admission, because you have an invitation postcard, please make a reservation online.
  • No reservation required for NEZUCLUB members.
  • • Reservations can be made for up to ten visitors at a time.

Same-day tickets are also available. However, priority will be given to those with reservations, so you may be asked to wait for a same-day ticket. And please note that same-day tickets may not be sold when we judge the venue is overcrowded.
If you have a credit card, and smartphone or computer and printer, please make an online reservation in advance.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in using the online reservation system and with our other updated requests.

Using the Reservation System

  1. (1) Once you have completed your purchase of a timed-entry ticket, you cannot make changes in or cancel the ticket.
  2. (2) If you arrive before your reserved time slot, you have to wait for admission. In addition, congestion is expected with immediately after the start time of each time slot. We recommend that you visit the museum a little later than the start time. (After you enter the museum, you may enjoy the exhibitions until closing time.)

Please note

  1. (1) Please use the latest version of the Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or other operating system and of your web browser. Use of an older operating system or browser may cause errors in accessing this system.
  2. (2) At completion of your timed-entry reservation, notifications will be sent to the email address you provided in making your reservation. Please set your mail software to accept mail from the @nezu-muse.or.jp domain name. Please understand that you may not be able to receive that email in the following cases:
    • • You have not set your mail software to receive email from the @nezu-muse.or.jp email address or domain name.
    • • Your settings restrict mail with URLs.
    • • Your settings restrict mail from personal computers.
    • • You have applied spam-restricting settings.
    For information on how to set your device to accept mail from a designated domain name, please contact your cellphone provider.
    You will receive an email message, with the URL for your timed-entry ticket QR code as below. When you visit the museum, be prepared to show the QR code, on your device or a print out of it, at the reception desk.
    If you cannot confirm receipt of email from the museum, please contact us at this address:

Updated Requests of Visitors

When you visit the museum

  1. (1) Please refrain from visiting if any of the following apply to you:
    • •If you have a fever or feel as if you have a cold.
    • •If someone in your family or at your workplace or school or other person with whom you have been in contact is infected with COVID-19 or is potentially infected.
  2. (2) Your temperature will be checked at the entrance to the museum. If you have a fever, please refrain from entering the museum.
  3. (3) Alcohol-based sanitizers are provided in several places in the museum. Please disinfect your fingers and wash your hands thoroughly.
  4. (4) If the galleries or museum shop are judged to be overcrowded, the museum will limit entry.

In the museum

  1. (1) Please minimize talking in the galleries.
  2. (2) Please maintain sufficient social distance from other visitors while viewing the works on display.
  3. (3) If you begin to cough heavily or display other cold-like symptoms while in the galleries, our staff may contact you.
  4. (4) Please do not touch the walls and display cases, to avoid spreading the virus.

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